The A-Roid

The A-Roid cocktail at Bonfire.

The A-Roid cocktail at Bonfire.

My favorite press release today comes courtesy of Todd English’s Bonfire, where they’re getting geared up for the start of the baseball season with a new drink aimed at a Red Sox fan’s favorite target:

“The A-Roid starts with a shot of El Mejor Tequila, served straight up.  To give the shot a little something extra; a spicy smoky splash is served on the side in a convenient syringe…minus the needle.  Inject the Performance-Enhancing Boost of Spicy Tomato “Juice” right into the shot or use it as a chaser.  However you use it, come clean and acknowledge it…don’t deny it.”

I had to think they were kidding when they wrote that a syringe was involved in the making of this drink, but no, it’s right there in the photo. And if you’re curious about what the “performance enhancer” is made of, that would be spicy tomato juice made of house-smoked tomatoes, tomato juice, lemon juice, Tabasco sauce and jalapenos.

The A-Roid ($11) will be available with a host of Red Sox-loving items come April 6.

50 Park Plaza, Boston


One response to “The A-Roid

  1. Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff

    That is a f’n’ phenomenal idea! The bar scene at Bonfire is already great to begin with. I can’t wait to get in there for Opening Day and try this shot out.

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