Little bites

The cupcake trend has been around for a few years at this point, but it’s one trend I hope will stick around awhile longer. Not only are they cute, but it’s automatic portion control — and for someone like me who loves baked goods a little too much, that’s important.

We made a late afternoon stop at Babycakes in Quincy the other week. We didn’t realize they were about to close until we walked in the door of the cute little shop on Beale Street, a list of daily flavors taunting us from the wall, and discovered¬† our choices were limited to the three kinds of cupcakes they still had left at that late hour: lemon coconut, vanilla chocolate and chocolate vanilla. We grabbed two of each.

Our favorite of the three was the chocolate cake with vanilla frosting ($1.50) — rich but not too rich, and mine was still moist even after two days in the fridge (incredible control, I tell you — we’re talking heavy cream and real butter in these delights, so I made the decision to not eat them in one sitting. The same was not true of my husband, who ate two as soon as we arrived home and quickly declared his love of the aforementioned chocolate with vanilla frosting cupcake). My love of lemon in baked goods will also bring me to order the lemon coconut again, though if I’d change anything it would be to add a touch more lemon to the cake, but overall a good summer treat.

The offerings do vary from day to day, and you can find that list here. As for me, I will be making a stop this week to pick up a few more cupcakes, including the french toast cupcake (a heavyweight at $2.75), which I’ve heard is supposed to be incredible.

163 Beale St., Quincy


One response to “Little bites

  1. Alan Belanger

    Just came across your site and wish I still lived in Quincy. Have retired from the Patriot Ledger and moved to Florida. Boy, all your cakes sound great. Do you ship?

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