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Weymouth’s sweet spot

There was a charming story published in Thursday’s Ledger by reporter Sue Scheible about Bob’s Muffin and Coffee Shop in Weymouth. The restaurant has been around for more than 50 years and in that time patrons say it has become the heart of the community. Find the story here.

But wait, you say — that’s just like my regular place! Well, let us know about it. Post your story here or e-mail me at


Calling all Poles … got paczki?

We’re but two weeks away from the start of Lent, and I will again begin my search for paczki around Boston. Paczki, pronounced “poonch-key,” are not, as some will lead you to believe, glorified jelly doughnuts. They may look similar, but made correctly these Polish indulgences are much richer and far better, and quite worthy of Fat Tuesday devotion — so much so that the Polish refer to the day as Paczki Day.

The only place I’ve been able to get ahold of paczki is at Stop and Shop, and I have to say it was nothing like paczki from home, paczki that I inevitably hoard into my suitcase on my way back from my annual pilgrimmage to Chicago’s South Side Irish Parade. I really do hate to check my baggage, though, so please: Have you found a Polish bakery around Boston that makes memorable paczki?

Restaurants and the economy

For those of you in the restaurant world, are you holding any specials or changing your menu around to draw more customers in this tough economic environment? Maybe you’re holding a cooking class, or offering a prix fixe menu. Let us know what you’re doing; e-mail your plans to me at