New restaurant in Pembroke

Orta, a new venture by Jimmy Burke (Tullio’s in Quincy and Riva in Scituate Harbor), opened in Pembroke yesterday. The casual Italian restaurant makes its digs in the former home of Vesuvio restaurant.

Among the offerings, expect brick-oven pizza ($7.95-$13.95), a menu of little plates ($4), and pasta and risotto dishes ($11-$17.95). Entrees range from $13.95 to $22.95. Also worth mentioning is that Orta has a full liquor license.

Orta — 75 Washington St. (Route 53), Pembroke.


3 responses to “New restaurant in Pembroke

  1. Casual must mean the dress cuz “$13.95 to $22.95” ain’t that casual!

    • In their defense, you can go and pick up a pizza for $7.95, too, remember. It’s the same pricing idea you see at chains that I would classify as pretty casual — California Pizza Kitchen, Uno’s and Bertucci’s. For example, I can go to Uno’s and get my lovely deep dish for $8.79, or spend $18.89 and get grilled shrimp and steak.
      And in this wonderful economic climate, it’s worth remembering that no one’s pushing a giant steak into anyone’s face and telling them they have to order the most expensive item on the menu.

  2. Kathleen Teehan

    Please spread the word about this on the South Shore. I happen to be in the food world, so knew that you were opening because of my work affiliations, however would not have know otherwise. The south shore is in desperate need of good food. I can count about 5 places that we frequent down here. Please spread the word in local papers, so that every one knows about the change, and chances of success increase.

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